Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Justice Projects

"A voice is a gift.  It should be cherished and used." ~ Margaret Atwood

Here's the list of projects that the students came up with and began working on this past week:
  • Falling Whistles (video): raising awareness about "Falling Whistles | A Campaign for Peace in the Congo"
  • Enviro-Mend (video): advocating for stopping environmental destruction and starting environmental reconstruction
  • Empty Plate (video): raising awareness of hunger in the U.S., especially for children and the Hunger Action Center
  • Chickens for Change (school-wide fund-raiser) : raising awareness about Heifer International and what it does to help the world
  • Recycle4Kidz (school-wide recycling program): raising awareness about recycling technology while earning points with Digital Wish toward new equipment for Computers4Kids
  • Invisible Children (big art to hang in school gallery): raising awareness about "Invisible Children" and the conflict in Uganda
  • Compassion for Creatures (VoiceThread story): advocating for stopping animal abuse
  • A Story of Homelessness (children's picture book): raising awareness of homelessness and how a place like the Haven can help

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