Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What would you do without a computer?

"Computers are a daily occurrence for us, and we have started to take them for granted.  We use them to research information, write reports, and even make entire presentations.  But did you know that even though many people own computers, in some schools, 50% of the students still don’t have access to computers to help them with their homework, as well as preparing them for their future jobs."

"Computers4Kids (C4K) is an organization that works with kids in Charlottesville. They provide kids in the area with computers and a place to work on their school work."

"The program started when a radio station sparked the conversation because so many computer users have thrown perfectly good computers in the trash."

"At first when I thought about C4K I did not think that it would look so nice and there would be so many computers."

"When we got there I was totally amazed to find that there was so many computers!"

"They have 3 computer labs: one with all Dell desktops, one with older iMacs and one with brand new iMacs."

"The kids ages go from 11 to 17 and after high school graduation, they encourage you to aim for being a mentor."

"The students go through 3 days of training classes and then are paired with a mentor with whom they will spend the next 9 months working with."

"During the 9 month program kids work with a mentor on different programs that interest them. Some of the programs that they worked on were Google Sketch and Alice."

"Kids come in once a week for one hour to work with their mentor.  A kid must finish two projects in order to graduate from C4K."

"C4K has been running for ten years and has future dreams to help older kids in need."

"This program is completely made from volunteers, donations and grants."

"I think it  is amazing how the youth and their mentor connect."

"I thought it was really cool how C4K gives kids a chance to work with and earn a computer who otherwise would never be able to."

"I think C4K is a great organization!  If I was in the position of somebody who needed tech help and a computer, I would be very thankful."

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